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It's fun to burn stuff

Guy Fawkes Tomorrow is Bonfire Night where here in the UK we burn the treacherous Guy Fawkes – although I am always game to gather round a huge fire and burn stuff, I can’t but feel a little (only a little) sorry for the ‘guy’ that we have been burning for over 400 years!

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CSS Reboot No. 2

CSS Reboot - Fall 05 The last few days have flown by, so fast that the whole site almost wasn’t ready for The Reboot. Thankfully even though the design you see now isn’t the one I had been developing for some time – This one looks better in my opinion and, what’s more, it’s fluid, a first in the history of UK Thoughts.

This reboot sees a lot more people than last time, which means the standard should be even higher than last time and we get to see much more cool designs this time around. I can’t wait to start rating all the other 960 or so designs!

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Why it's good to research

Oh deer you have got yourself in a right mess. You may have heard of , Google’s mail service offering over 2.5 GB of space to store your email, heck I use it, you probably use it.

Well it seems as though Google forgot to do its research into their product name before they ‘launched’ it (technically it’s still in beta). I am a believer in learning from other peoples/businesses mistakes’ because chances are someone has make the same mistake before you have. So. and make sure you research the name for your product, company etc before your go overboard with the branding!

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A month!?

I had a look at UK Thoughts this morning and realised it has been exactly 1 month since my last post. I have been reasonably busy with life outside the monitor (!) and I have been keeping the sidenotes section as up to date as I can so you have something else to do so visiting isn’t a complete waste of your time!

My blogging skills seem to be going through a slow period of “Nah, it’s too much hard work to write anything. I will do it tomorrow”. I will try to reverse this trend and post more regularly.

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Microsoft's new creative tools

You might have noticed that Microsoft’s new range of products for the creative industry has been announced, nicely called . It is clearly a way for Microsoft to jump on the same wagon of Adobe and Macromedia as m$ doesn’t really have an equivalent to Dreamweaver, because let’s face it which professional uses anyway?

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