Microsoft's new creative tools

22/09/05 @ 03:41

You might have noticed that Microsoft’s new range of products for the creative industry has been announced, nicely called . It is clearly a way for Microsoft to jump on the same wagon of Adobe and Macromedia as m$ doesn’t really have an equivalent to Dreamweaver, because let’s face it which professional uses anyway?


  1. (09/22/2005 09:05 AM) #

    Anyway, I don�t think anyone sane uses Frontpage anymore. The interface is as bad as it�s coding.
  2. (10/04/2005 07:01 AM) #

    I really did try to use Frontpage, but it’s not a ptach on DW.
  3. (10/08/2005 02:18 PM) #

    I think they should put that App to rest. But I have to admit for the HTML novice it’s a straight forward solution (works like Word almost). The code is pretty dirty though.

    I’m behind in the news, I wonder what will become of GoLive / DW now that Adobe and Macromedia merged?
  4. (10/20/2005 08:49 AM) #

    I tryed both – DW and FP. But Dreamweaver is much better.
  5. (10/21/2005 11:34 PM) #

    I had to use the newest FrontPage once, and while the code it puts out is indeed cleaner than FP 98 and 2000, it is still pretty horrific.

    And the interface stinks compared to DW 2004.
  6. Dave (10/22/2005 12:16 AM) #

    I suppose FrontPage is aimed at the small business or individual with little or no web development skills – Dreamweaver or Notepad are my apps of choice.
  7. clickmedia webdesign (05/06/2007 10:57 PM) #

    Microsoft = operating systems

    Adobe = multimedia

    It is tradition :-)