A month!?

22/10/05 @ 03:41

I had a look at UK Thoughts this morning and realised it has been exactly 1 month since my last post. I have been reasonably busy with life outside the monitor (!) and I have been keeping the sidenotes section as up to date as I can so you have something else to do so visiting isn’t a complete waste of your time!

My blogging skills seem to be going through a slow period of “Nah, it’s too much hard work to write anything. I will do it tomorrow”. I will try to reverse this trend and post more regularly.

My trademark seems to be my redesigns and everyday we get a little closer to November 1st when the second CSS Reboot will take place – I will be participating. I will be sad to say goodbye to the site as it looks now, it is still receiving recognition from a places , not to mention it is the longest lasting design of this site ever.

Change is good however, as is always the case in new media, I have learnt so much since I designed this current version so maybe a fresh look will motivate me to write more and show-off my new skills.

At the moment I am test-driving the newly released Flock. First impressions are that this is a fine piece of work and some of the features are very cool (being able to blog from it and shelfin� things are my favorites). Be warned though, it still has some bugs ;)

Bring on November. Don’t expect too much from me.


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