CSS Reboot No. 2

31/10/05 @ 21:34

CSS Reboot - Fall 05 The last few days have flown by, so fast that the whole site almost wasn’t ready for The Reboot. Thankfully even though the design you see now isn’t the one I had been developing for some time – This one looks better in my opinion and, what’s more, it’s fluid, a first in the history of UK Thoughts.

This reboot sees a lot more people than last time, which means the standard should be even higher than last time and we get to see much more cool designs this time around. I can’t wait to start rating all the other 960 or so designs!

I think it may still have some bugs, due to lack of testing time, but I will fix/finish things as soon as possible and plug in some static bits into the Textpattern engine to allow for easy updating.

With the reboot sees a new server and a new section, the recommendations section. This is something I have always wanted to do and will let me point you towards some cool stuff.

Send your feedback now, and if you are rebooting aswell show everyone yours!


  1. Dave (10/31/2005 09:50 PM) #

    Hey there, this is a test comment…bye!
  2. David Appleyard (11/01/2005 09:59 AM) #

    Very cool. I like it!
  3. Nathan Pitman (11/01/2005 10:03 AM) #

    Love the comment format Dave, very clean and just a little different to the norm. It’s all in the detail you know.
  4. Matthew Pennell (11/01/2005 12:51 PM) #

    Very nice; I vaguely remember the previous design, and this is a great leap forward. Very clean and whitespaceified. ;)
  5. Ozzamm (11/01/2005 01:27 PM) #

    Nice reboot
  6. Winnie Lim (11/01/2005 01:32 PM) #

    I really like this. :)
  7. Daniel Oliver (11/01/2005 02:14 PM) #

    Looking good Dave. Nice job.
  8. (11/01/2005 05:35 PM) #

    Looks great. I don’t personally like the background image but I think images like this are going to become more popular soon. I think the background would look better red or something, but maybe that’s because I liked the colour scheme of your last design too much.

    I also think the sub-title “Design, Technology, Misc.” shouldn’t be in the font it’s in, it’s not used elsewhere on this page and doesn’t fit in.

    Other than that, I love it. You have a superb skill with simplicity, I love the layout of the comment form and comments. I also love the boxes, with a dark grey line top and left and a black line bottom and right, great effect!

    I love the fluidity and this is a great progress from your last design, great work!
  9. If..Else (11/01/2005 08:31 PM) #

    Nice work Dave!
  10. David Longworth (11/04/2005 08:27 PM) #

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Matt: Cheers for your feedback, I will consider some changes :)

  11. (11/07/2005 08:14 PM) #

    hmm… not so enthused about this new one as I was about the last design. This one looks too texty with not so much to please the eye.

    I am on a 1024×768 laptop though so maybe I am not getting the full impact…

  12. eddmun (11/08/2005 07:24 PM) #

    Oooh! It’s a fluid layout… That’s pretty cool :)

  13. (11/11/2005 03:24 PM) #

    Arggh where is your logo!! :-) still it looks awesome. You’ve really pulled it off. Sweet!

  14. Adam Bouskila (12/04/2005 08:25 AM) #

    Pretty, Dave.

  15. (02/06/2006 07:46 PM) #

    I’ve just had a good nose through and there’s some cracking designs there. Good stuff!