And the winner for the most un-original name for anything goes to me! Moving on…For the past month I have been using to keep up with all the feeds I am subscribed to (and there are a lot).

If I had a Mac – which I should hopfully be getting in the next few months years I would be using NetNewsWire, but untill then I am very pleased with FeedDemon!

On to the actual point of the post. I decided to make my own style for it using some of my CSS magic. Here’s a quick preview:

Download: thoughts.fdxsl


  1. Nick Bradbury (05/02/2005 07:54 AM)

    Nice style, David! Mind if I add this to my newspaper styles download page?
  2. Dave (05/02/2005 08:35 AM)

    Go ahead Nick – spread the love!!
  3. John (05/05/2005 12:23 PM)

    Great FeedDemon newspaper style Dave! Large headings w/expanded summary text makes perusing for topics of interest easier. Thanks for allowing Nick to �spread the love�
  4. (05/31/2005 10:36 AM)

    You should not get a Mac, you should install Linux. =D