I got minted

06/09/05 @ 20:06

I got an email late last night telling me that I could purchase – a fresh look at my site. Obviously I took up Shaun’s offer and paid my $30 (about �15) to download my copy and get in on my server ASAP!

As we have come to expect from Shaun Inman, the designer/developer hybrid, it has a nice interface with a nice helping of AJAX to save me refreshing the whole page every time I want to do anything.

I did however have one concern that was troubling me after my download. It was what is to stop some punk using the same copy more than once? The answer to this is that Shaun has implemented an activation key system that communicates directly with his server, it obviously isn’t 100% secure because if someone really wanted to they could disable or hack the system, but it will cut fraud down by 99% or more because to even get that far you have to have paid Shaun $30.

Shaun has also included a nice note in the source code to put people off steeling this product that he clearly has put loads of work into:

REMOVING OR MODIFYING THIS CODE WILL TERMINATE YOUR LICENSE. That’s right, I didn’t even try to obfuscate the activation code. I figure this way, if you do decide to remove or modify this bit then there can be no confusion—you’re not being clever, you’re just taking food off this honest developer’s table.

Really appeals to your softer side don�t it?

Judging by the quality of this product it must be nice for him to sit back and let the money roll in (except that little hick-up with the that was getting 100 hits a minute which really shows its popularity).

It won�t be for everyone, but it is certainly for me. (I had planned more references to mint products in this post, but I decided against it).


  1. (09/08/2005 05:01 AM) #

    I ran the mint compatibility test and got the following error…
    “D’oh! Mint requires PHP be compiled with CURL.”

    this makes me sad :(
  2. Dave (09/08/2005 07:10 AM) #

    That’s what you think! As of v1.01 it dropped the need for cURL, so try running it again and you might be in luck.
  3. (12/11/2006 03:55 PM) #

    Check this website is like MINT but is free: