Instant Messaging Woes

04/06/05 @ 00:30

I like many other people with a computer and the internet use and instant messaging service. It’s a great way to keep in touch, it saves a bomb on SMS costs and lets people know when I am home (or if I have accidentally left my PC on…Doh!).

There are some little annoying things with using a service, such as IMing and emailing. The first is when you are having a conversation about music:

Dave: You heard that new track??
Sum1: I might have…
Dave: It’s that one that goes like: da da da da dum

Hmmm that’s a bit of a problem; How Iam I supposed to tell someone how a song goes? Damn it.

Next is sarcasm, which needless to say I use quite a lot.

Dave: You are such a loser!!!!!!
Sum1: Who? me?
Dave: Yeah you :)
Sum1: F**k you.

My opening message could have been sarcastic (which it was), however there is no way to get this message across. If it was the web I could use the elusive tag, sadly the w3c thinks it does not exist!

This next problem occurs when you get ‘added’ to someone’s contact list. It really annoys me.

Dave: Hello, who is this?
Sum1: Have a guess?
Dave: Hmmm, let’s see – your email address is “”.
Sum1: Still, have a guess!??
Dave: I don’t have a clue.
Dave: OK, are you Bob
Sum1: Wow, you really are dumb, it is really obvious
Dave: ...

Life would be much more simpler if everyone put their real name… is looking pretty promising; as soon as I get the money I will properly end up buying a phone for it.


  1. (06/04/2005 07:39 PM) #

    Hit the nail on the head. I’m very sarcastic and it gets irritating, all three things you said I experience and it can get very annoying, you’re right. Skype’s the future though I reckon…
  2. Richard (aka erd) (06/07/2005 04:05 AM) #

    Man, how many problems have i had with IM… to many, and i know what you mean by the “guess who it is.”

    The worst is when somehow, someone you know’s friend got on your list, then not only is it a guess game of who is this person.. it turns into a who are you and who do u know….